Thrill the Grill. George's Sauces are perfect on Poultry, Pork, Beef, and Seafood.
Created in 1975, George's original Barbecue Sauce is a vinegar-based sauce prepared with crushed red peppers, apples, and spices. Perfect for marinades, oven, slow cooking and grilling.
Rich tomato-based sauce prepared with jalapeƱo and crushed red peppers, brown sugar, apples, and spices. Great for oven, slow cooking & grilling. Add horseradish for a super cocktail sauce.
Same great taste as our Original recipe with twice the heat. Perfect for those who like that extra kick. Great on chicken wings, biscuits, even scrambled eggs. Not for the fainthearted!


George's Original BBQ Sauce Chosen Best in the Carolinas by "Every Day with Rachael Ray"
George's Original BBQ Sauce came out on top in the May 2008 issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine, a popular cooking and lifestyle magazine by syndicated TV host Rachael Ray.
Celebrating 15 years of Thrilling the Grill under the Ownership of Beth Chappell
George's Sauces is celebrating 15 years of producing the perfect accompaniment for all meats, seafood and poultry, under the ownership of Beth Chappell.
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