Our History

In 1992, George’s Sauces was purchased by Beth Chappell of Nashville, NC from George Stallings of nearby Rocky Mount. For years, George had been treating friends and relatives to the special barbecue sauce he had developed in his home kitchen. By the mid 1970’s, his sauce production had grown into a real business…some of his first batches were cooked in a dirt floor garage!

Under Beth’s ownership and vision, George’s Sauces has continued to grow. It is now one of the most sought-after barbecue sauces in the Carolinas. George’s has four full-time employees that produce an average of 3500 bottles of barbecue sauce each working day. After cooking up the sauce with special ingredients, each bottle is labeled, filled, capped and packed by hand…making George’s Sauces the true definition of a “hands-on company.”

George’s Sauces also has a growing food service business with restaurants and barbecue chains all over the southeast. The popularity of George’s Sauces is widely recognized and many restaurants order large shipments of our sauces to use as ingredients in their own special recipes. Golden Corral’s favorite barbecue dish uses George’s Sauces.